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HubSpot® is offering “two-year path to greatness scholarships” for startups selected to go through Start-Up Jamaica 100-Day Acceleration Program (i.e. STAGE 3), enabling them to start growing their online presence and accelerate their sales growth. Startups who are eligible receive 90% off the software for their first year, and get access to:


  • HubSpot's software suite of 30+ tools for all of your online marketing needs;


  • Access to HubSpot Academy, tutorials, best practices, and client examples;


  • Access to a private Jumpstart group on;


  • An initial game planning and strategy call with Customer Success Manager;


  • Quarterly account reviews with Customer Success Manager;


  • Unmetered Technical Support from HubSpot Support Team.




 Amazon® Web Services (AWS) helps startups to save money by allowing them to have infrastructure services, paying according to the size of the startup, without investing large amounts of money in advance. When you are accepted into Start-Up Jamaica 100 Day Acceleration Program (i.e. STAGE 3), you will have access to:


  • USD 5,000 in AWS credits valid for 2 years or USD 100,000 in AWS credits valid for 1 year;


  • One year of Business Support;


  • Access to an account representative to help with questions about AWS services or account specific issues;


  • Architecture help – 1:1 “office hours” with AWS Solutions Architects to answer any questions companies may have about architecting in the cloud, including optimizing for cost and/or performance.





Rackspace® Hosting is the open cloud company, delivering a broad portfolio of IT products, including Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. "The Rackspace Startup Program” is designed to assist startups selected to be part of Start-Up Jamaica 100-Day Acceleration Program (i.e. STAGE 3) that already have an MVP or beta version and are ready to move to production. It provides up to USD 24,000 in free hosting (USD 2,000/month for 12 consecutive months) to technology startups. Additional discounts are available from a selection of providers too.









Upwork: As the world’s largest online workplace, startups can dip into Upwork® global talent pool to hire the skills they need to progress from minimum viable product to product leaders.

Using a distributed team of Upwork® freelancers, startup founders can focus on their core products, which frees themselves up for the most important tasks. Through the partnership reached with Upwork®, startups selected to be part of Start-Up Jamaica 100-Day Acceleration Program (i.e. STAGE 3) will have access to:


  • USD 150 in credits per startup toward hiring freelance talent on Upwork®;


  • Direct access to Upwork® Hire Up recruiting pros for the first two hires (valued at USD 200 per session).

Hire Up reps help define project needs, write effective job descriptions, vet applicants, and shortlist candidates so that only the most qualified freelancers make it to your startups’ desks.





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