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When can I apply to Start-Up Jamaica 100-Day Acceleration Programme?


You can apply to Start-Up Jamaica at any time but applications are reviewed in batches. Just go to the ‘Apply to be a Start-Up’ section under the ‘Startups’ menu. The applications submitted will be reviewed at the beginning of cohorts and evaluated in order to be part of Stage 1 of the three stage selection process for the 100-Day Acceleration Programme at SUJ.


Do I need to be in Jamaica to apply to Start-Up Jamaica 100-Day Acceleration Programme?


No. Anyone from around the world can apply.


What is Start-Up Jamaica Acceleration Programme?


Please click on the '100-Day Acceleration' tab to learn more about Start-Up Jamaica Acceleration Programme.


Will I be notified when I send in my application?


Yes, you will receive a confirmation that your application has been received. You will be contacted by

Start-Up Jamaica shall there be any additional information required.


Who is going to review my application for the Start-Up Jamaica 100-Day Acceleration Programme?


Your application submitted at Stage 1 will be reviewed by the management team of Start-Up Jamaica.

The pitches at Stage 2 will be reviewed by Start-Up Jamaica Management Team and Oasis500

investment Team.


What kind of startups can apply?


Start-Up Jamaica focuses on projects/products/services/applications that leverage the Internet and new technologies in order to innovate. Start-Up Jamaica is open to receive proposals in any field of technological innovation.


Do I need to be Jamaican to be a part of Start-Up Jamaica?


No. We accept startups of all nationalities.


Am I giving Start-Up Jamaica any rights over my project just by submitting my idea in Stage 1?


The fact that you submit an idea at Stage 1 does not imply any assignment of rights, intellectual or

industrial property or any other kind of right over your idea. Applicants retain full ownership of and all rights and interests in their registered trademarks. The only right that Start-Up Jamaica retains through the mere submission of an idea is the use of the image of applicants for advertising purposes in any communications that may be made in the event that you are selected to move to Stages 2 and/or 3.


How is the information about my project handled if it is not shortlisted?


Start-Up Jamaica will treat all information received under Stage 1 as confidential. All use of this

information will be solely and exclusively for the purposes of Stage 1 call for applications and the

selection process and the information will not be disclosed in any case.


What happens if I’m not shortlisted? Can I still visit Start-Up Jamaica and be part of the network?


Of course! Start-Up Jamaica is on the verge of becoming the hub for entrepreneurship in the Caribbean, so

please do become part of our network, and feel free to tap into Start-Up Jamaica amazing and innovative talent. The facilities downtown, although opened to any entrepreneur who would like to

interact with our startups, the startups going through the 100-Day Acceleration Programme (Stage 3)

will have preferred access and use of the facilities.


Once my time at Start-Up Jamaica 100-Day Acceleration is over, what happens next?


The acceleration phase at Start-Up Jamaica facilities will conclude once the 100-Day period has elapsed, without prejudice to any relations you, the mentors and partners may freely wish to maintain. However, we like to think about Start-Up Jamaica as a big family and, in fact, when the acceleration is over, Start-Up Jamaica we will continue helping you with future developments by trying to channel your way all the business opportunities (customers, media exposure, investment, etc.) that might arise and seem to us to be of interest for your venture. And of course, Start-Up Jamaica will love you to become part of our network, as a mentor, coach, investor, etc.


I’m already benefiting through collaboration with a team of Start-Up Jamaica. Can I join the program?


Yes, although you are required to complete an application for yourself, and then officially selected to join the program.


Is it necessary to have a completed business plan to join Stage 1?


No. You do not need a completed business plan. In order to apply, you just need to complete the

application form, and submit the 140 character explanation of your idea. However, in order to move to

Stage 2 and the 100-Day Acceleration Programme (Stage 3) you will need to have a complete business

plan, reflecting your financial information, markets, competitors, scalability, as well as provide a Minimum Viable Product.


Can I still apply to be a part of Start-Up Jamaica if I am currently a part of another incubator/accelerator?


No. At Start-Up Jamaica we would like to support projects that are at very early stages, and need

seed funding and coaching in order to transform their idea into a Minimum Viable Product. If you are

currently part of another incubator/accelerator, your product is clearly at a more advanced stage. Start-Up Jamaica however can help you find investors, partners, team members, customers just by joining our community. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


What does Start-Up Jamaica expect from startups that join the program?


We expect the team members to work hard with their projects, and do everything they can towards its

success. At Start-Up Jamaica, we don't only focus on success. Failing is normal, and actually our motto at Start-Up Jamaica is “Fail, but Fail Fast”. Of course, we want all our startups to be successful, but we also know how difficult it is. And we believe the best test for our startups is the real world. Don’t spend months or years developing a product that never sees light, but actually test it fast with customers and the real market, learn and adapt, and then test it again. The 100-Day Acceleration is precisely geared towards preparing startups to succeed or fail, but in the real market, and do it fast!


What will Start-Up Jamaica provide me with?


Start-Up Jamaica will provide the startups selected to go through the 100-Day Acceleration Programme



- USD 30,000 seed equity funding (USD 16,000 in-kind services, USD 14,000 cash), via Start-Up

Jamaica partner Oasis500 (Only provided to startups selected by Oasis 500)


- Free office space in downtown Kingston, at state of the art Start-Up Jamaica facilities;


- Access to Start-Up Jamaica Mentorship Network;


- Access to Start-Up Jamaica Partnership Network (i.e. Amazon Web Services, Hubspot and



- Personal Coaching; and access to regional and international financial networks in order to secure follow-on funding upon completion of the 100-Day Acceleration Programme.


Can I visit the Start-Up Jamaica facilities?


Visitors are welcome at any time. However, if you want to be sure the facilities are opened to public, make an appointment via email.


Does the age of founders/team members matter in the selection process?


No, your age has nothing to do with the selection process.


Do I have to work out of the Start-Up Jamaica facilities?


Start-Up Jamaica understands that being at the facility every day is not feasible for some members so

you create your own attendance schedule. However, certain milestones will be mandatory in order to go through SUJ 100-Day Acceleration Programme.


As a startup, can I add/change/remove team members?


Yes, you can add, change and remove team members. You must let Start-Up Jamaica know about these changes in writing.

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