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The 100 Day Acceleration



In order to access SUJ 100 Day  Acceleration Programme, each startup has to go through the three stages describe in the diagram below.







Pole of attraction






Founding platform






 Startup trampoline





STAGE 1: The core target for STAGE 1 are individuals who have a business idea but don’t have sufficient information/knowledge to start planning. SUJ will help you through a series of orientations for young people interested in establishing a tech startup. SUJ Team will evaluate your idea, and get back to you with the next steps.


STAGE 2 : Individuals form teams to develop a prototype. Around 50% of the teams from

STAGE 1 make it to STAGE 2.  Additional teams that may already exist and are operating at early

stages of prototyping can be considered to enter the process at this stage. At STAGE 2, teams

participate in a month-long pitch preparation program. Teams are provided with key services (technical, legal, accounting, IP, and business support). At this stage, teams work on prototype development, financial aspects, marketing, testing product distribution, scalability and all other fundamentals to have a Minimum Viable Product. At the end of the month, teams prepare a final pitch in front of SUJ and Oasis500 teams, which is used as a metric to transition to STAGE 3.


STAGE 3: This consists of a 100-Day Acceleration Program, which includes a mentor-ship program with national and international business leaders. The SUJ Acceleration Program will support a selected number of promising teams in further developing their products and services so that they can pitch to potential investors for follow-on financing. At the end of this program teams will be selected, based on their performance in the acceleration program, to be a part of Demo Day. This day gives teams the ability to pitch to a group of invited investors to hopefully be selected for seed funding.

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